About Our Members

In the first three years of PCE's existence, we have:

  • Earn a seat at the table of the Philadelphia Great Schools Compact, which includes two PCE representatives (one voting, one non-voting)

  • Led two internal professional development symposia for PCE member teachers, administrators and staff, fostering cross-organization collaboration;

  • Authored multiple published letters in local Philadelphia news outlets in response to critical education issues facing families, teachers, policymakers and other stakeholders, sharing critical information on charter school admissions, governance, testing & measurement, curriculum and the expansion of educational choices;

  • Advocated for good public policy by addressing City Council’s Education Committee on the need for - and role of - charter schools in Philadelphia and by meeting with Pennsylvania State Senate and House Education Committee chairmen in Harrisburg to discuss Philadelphia charter schools’ perspectives on proposed legislation on charter authorizing agents, expansion criteria, buildings and similar issues.

  • Co-hosted an educational forum for over 100 participants on the importance of educational choice with the organization Schools That Can that included panelists from the School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Schools Partnership, the Pew Foundation and the City of Philadelphia.